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I'm here for the             , for the            , for the ones who know they want to make a difference and are burning the midnight oil and then greeting the sunrise to make it happen.

I'm here for     .



I remember the day that I learned that I could make a legitimate career out of wedding photography.

the fire that it lit in my soul was so strong you could feel the heat if you stood too close.

 and I remember the pride that i felt when i was able to contribute to our family income in a way i had never done before.

but I also know that not everyone has that experience. Not everyone has the same resources, or the same support system to take that step of faith. or maybe they take that first step but then the next one is just too much. 

The biz babe collective is about women empowering women in their businesses and in life.

it's about community over competition.

it's about strengthening a community of women in business so that our sisters, our friends, and our daughters will never wonder if they can do what we are doing today.

What it is

I'm warning you now, I've got big dreams.





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