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You don't own Facebook, or any social media, so the point of this is to move people away from Facebook and onto something you do own (like your website, or email newsletter).

Facebook Ads are like a really great limo service that you're paying to bring people to your store. It's a fantastic way to get people to your business, but if they walk into your store and it hasn't been swept in a month or it smells funky, then it doesn't matter how awesome the mode of transportation was that got them there... they're not buying anything.

But I'm sure that's not you, you're here because your store is smelling like Anthropologie and you just need to get some folks in the door! So, let's keep chatting, friend.

Step 1

Every collection starts with a Stratgey Hour

In this Strategy hour we will discuss your end goal for your Facebook ads as well as the detailed specifics of your target audience (their demographics, interests, and behaviors). As we are talking I will be taking notes and filling out a detailed report of your ideal client avatar, brand talking points and other important information that I will then put together and return to you in a Target Audience Reference Document within one week of our meeting. 

Then I will walk you through the steps of making me an admin on your facebook business page and I will pull reports of your current audience, as well as your top competitors audience for research. After that I will install the Facebook Pixel on your website if it's not already there, and I will get started on creating your custom audiences based on your ideal client avatar. 

In total you will receive:
- Target Audience Reference Doc
- Pixel Reference Doc
- Current Audience Report
- minimum of 10 different custom audiences suggested
- current Facebook page analysis for best days/times to post, as well as what to post, based on algorithm friendliness
- Facebook Ad Checklist


*Strategy hours are a one time fee. While they can be used as a stand alone to supplement your own Facebook targeting I recommend them in conjunction with at least 1 round of Campaign management.

Step 2

Campaign Management like a Kennedy

Next, we get to the fun part. The actual ads.

Based on your end goal I will present a full Ad Strategy for your approval that will have an overarching Ad Goal, then there will be split testing within the Ad Set level and finally, further split testing within the creative of the ad itself.

Finding the right audience for your brand, and then the right creative for that audience is part science and part art. We'll work together to utilize your expertise of your brand and art and my expertise of where they're hiding on Facebook and Instagram to reach them quickly and efficiently.

I will monitor your ads daily, and send you weekly reports letting you know exactly how your ads are performing. If one of your ads is underperforming I will pause the ad and relocate that ad spend to one of your better performing ads. What you're really getting though is peace of mind, you don't have to understand the logistics and terminology because I will be giving you a report and explanation weekly in a plain english breakdown so you don't have to be passionate about Facebook ads to reap the benefits of this amazing platform.

You will receive:
- Detailed Weekly Reports
- minimum of 10 custom audiences
- multiple split tested ad sets (audiences) + ads (creative)
- expert ad monitoring and recommendations

What you need to do:
- Continue engaging with customer comments/messages
- Continue posting non-ad content
- Approve desired Ad Spend 
- Approve created Ads + Ad copy

$399 - 599 per month depending on size of ad campaign*

*quarterly commitment required. Facebook Ads done correctly require split testing and time to 'amp' up, therefore it takes a minimum of 60 days to start seeing maximum results. You may cancel at any time after the 90 day period by giving a 30 day notice.

So, what's the next step?

If you're over there nodding your head like yesssss, then girl let's get on a free 15 minute call and see if these strategies would be a good fit for your brand.


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